Milspouse First Steps in Building a Career

  • 26th March, 2020

Military spouses are provided with various benefits including educational and financial needs. Through taking this assistance given by the government and other private institutions, spouses can enhance and build a career on their own. These assistances offered varieties of skills, all kinds of experience, and all levels of education.

The milspousecan take a degree, licenses or certification and afterwards build a career. It all start on doing a resume and searching for jobs.  There are some tips that can help you in getting an interview in this competitive job market.

1. Create Assertive Resume

To get a job, you need to get the invitation for interview and you can do this by creating an assertive resume. You need to have a clear picture on how your resume will market your skills and qualifications. Your aim is to be assertive about your skills and qualifications, not obnoxious. Remember NOT to use a free template resume.

2. Standout and be Unique

Do not commit to most common mistake of being old-fashioned thinking. It is okay to stray from the traditional chronological format. It is common to combine chronological (most recent position first), and functional (no dates at all). The hybrid is typical these days whether you are trying to hide gaps in employment or whether you’re simply trying to highlight certain specific skills you have acquired. Standout to what most people do on resume, this is the first glimpse of you with your prospect employer soon.

3. Show Beyond Getting Paid

Include your volunteer positions in your resume. This shows you’ve demonstrated or developed a skill in completing that task even you did not get paid for a service you provided. It is a huge mistake not to. It is worth mentioning regardless of what you did as a volunteer. It shows that you did something not just for money, and that you have interests and motivation.

That is why it is highly recommended to spouses to look a volunteer opportunity as soon as you’re deploy at your new duty station. You can continue to find for a paid position, but at least you can fill the gaps in your resume.

4. Feel Confident

Military spouses should display more confidence in job searching. Mostly, they don’t want to tell the employers that they are a military spouse. This is because of a fact that their tenure in a position may be short lived. However, in today’s world where everyone knows how big sacrifices made by military families, most people have an appreciation of what our military members are doing/have done for the country. In fact, most businesses located in a military base are supporters of the base and military families.

Yet, it is still not necessary to say on your resume that you are a military spouse or active-duty member’s rotation date is. It would be nice to announce this at the time of the job offer, but until then it is not recommended mentioning it.

5. Wear your Strength

Lastly, identity your strength and skills. Present yourself in the best light that you feel good about it and prepared. Take a trip to your local library and check out some resume sample books. Target specific industries in the examples on resumes. Carefully analyze what words they have used to describe their skills and feel free to borrow. Just be sure that the statement is true for you and you are fine.

Following these tips will take you a long way in having a very professional product to represent yourself. Of course, don’t ruin the whole thing by having inconsistencies or typos. Let a friend or yours who is good in writing look it over and get as much feedback as possible. The concluding test that will tell its true quality is when you land your interview.